Our Story

Jenna and Ruby Hugo's Ice Creamery

Hi there! 

I'm Jenna, the owner of Hugo's Ice Creamery, and with me is our Chief Doggie Ice Cream Taste Tester, Ruby!

We're a Gold Coast based duo who are passionate about providing awesome experiences for our dog friends. 

Our journey into the pet industry began when we started our first business Doggie Tea, which led to us creating the popular dog market event, Paws at the Park.

Hugo's Ice Creamery was one of Paws at the Park's first stallholders, and Ruby just couldn't get enough of their delicious ice creams. When the original founders of Hugo's were looking for someone to take over and grow their business, we jumped at the chance.

The idea

The idea for our dog ice creams hatched in late 2015 when the Hugo's Ice Creamery's founders wanted to spoil their puppy Hugo one sunny Gold Coast afternoon. To their surprise, doggie ice cream wasn’t easily obtainable in Australia and the ice cream that was appeared highly processed and not very special. As far as they were concerned, this was a problem that required immediate attention! How can Australian doggies be expected to go without ice cream? It’s hot out there!

Hugo - the dog that started it all!

Hugo - the dog that started it all!


Not knowing much about making ice cream, they purchased a small ice cream machine & begun experimenting. After lots of research, failed attempts & guidance from some dairy-free ice cream extraordinaires, they finally arrived at a recipe that worked, & tasted great!

They began experimenting with different fruits, vegetables, meats & berries trying to find the perfect flavours. Finding the right flavours was difficult as the furry members of our taste testing team seemed to have different preferences to what we considered tasty. After lots of sampling, and a few changes along the way we now have three delicious flavours - Peanut Butter & Bacon, Strawberry and Carob - and bring out lots of special edition flavours throughout the year.

All of our frozen dog treats are made by hand with love, using all natural ingredients. We’ve experimented with several different serving sizes in an effort to please as many puppies as possible & decided on an approximate 100g scoop.